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List of Events

[June 6th PDF download]

50th Anniversary - June 6, 2011 - schedule

June 7, 2011 - PMK & AFRIMS Joint Symposium    
0700–0800 Registration    
0800-0830 Welcome and opening remarks    
0830–0900 Keynote lecture: RTA and the HIV epidemic  in Thailand    
0900-0930 Coffee Break    

0930-1100 Symposium I: HIV

  • Trends, prevalence and risk factors for HIV:  infection among young Thai men during 2005-2010 (20 min)
  • HIV-1 seroprevalence and incidence collaborative studies in Royal Thai Army military conscripts (20 min)
  • Induced humoral immune responses in RV144  (20 min)
  • HIV vaccine development after RV144: following the science  (30 min)
1100-1200 Military Medicine I:
  • Heat injury surveillance in RTA conscripts  (20 min)
  • Efficacy of hemostatic gel from Chitosan  (20 min)
  • Evaluation of efficacy of Carboxymethyl chitosan based hemostat : Animal study  (20 min)
1200-1300 Lunch    
1300-1505 Symposium II: Dengue
  • Dengue research in Thailand: Historical perspective (25 minutes)
  • Dengue virus evolution in Thailand (25 min)                                                        
  • Modeling trends in dengue epidemiology (25 min)                                  
  • Updates on clinical classification and management of dengue (25 min)                                  
  • Thailand’s contributions to dengue vaccine development (25 min)
1505-1535 Coffee Break    
1535-1615 Military Medicine II:
  • Health status of RTA personnel (20 min)
  • Antibody surveillance for military deployment in peace keeping operations (20 min) 

1630–1900 Poster Reception - Venue: PMK

  • Selected poster
  • Winners discuss work
June 8, 2011 - PMK & AFRIMS Joint Symposium    
0800-0830 Registration    
0830-1010 Symposium III: Malaria 
  • Evolution of chemoprophylaxis for drug-resistant falciparum malaria in Southeast Asia (20 min)
  • Animal malaria models at AFRIMS (20 min)
  • RTA Surveillance program for malaria along Thai border  (20 min)   
  • Contribution of the pfmdr1 gene to antimalarial resistance in Thailand (20 min)
  • Update on artemisinin resistance (20 min)
1010-1040 Coffee Break    
1040-1120 Symposium III: Malaria(continue)
  • Transmission and control: ongoing research     (20 min)
  • Progress in immunology and vaccinology (20 min)
1120-1200 Military Medicine III:
  • Drug-resistant organisms in a military hospital (20 min)
  • War wound injury :  Prehospital care strategies (20 min)
1200-1300 Lunch    
1300-1500 Other infectious diseases highlights:
  • Hepatitis E vaccine trial in Nepal (20 min)
  • Emerging rickettsioses in Thailand (20 min)
  • Characteristics of O. tsutsugamushi strains in individual lab-reared chiggars (20 min)
  • Molecular epidemiology of intestinal protozoan infections (20min)
  • Influenza surveillance (20 min)
  • Seroconversions to influenza viruses among family members in Thailand (20 min)
1500-1530 Closing Remarks  & Coffee    

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