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Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance (EDS)

Mission- support the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center GEIS program by enhancing the infectious disease surveillance and response components of the international public health infrastructure in Asia. Network existing training and expand training opportunities where voids in knowledge exist creating efficient, sustainable training opportunities to regional health authorities. Encourage international organizations and nations to assign higher and appropriate priority to emerging infectious diseases. Strategic infrastructure development, training, and information technology will be the cornerstone to enhancing the surveillance and response components. Development of streamlined collaborative relationships responsive to regional concerns will enable sustainability.

Worldwide GEIS sites

Emerging Diseases | Influenza Reports | Funded Projects
Outbreak Investigation | GIS Mapping | EDS Lab-Nepal | Links

The Emerging Diseases Program

Biological Diseases/Agents Surveillance - Priority agents include emerging pathogens that could be engineered for mass dissemination now or in the future because of availability, ease of production and dissemination and potential for high morbidity and mortality rates and major health impact.

Developing web-based format for dissemination of emerging disease patterns and serving as a resource site for international disease surveillance activities

Human Capacity Building:

  • Walter Reed/AFRIMS Research Unit in Nepal (WARUN)
  • Laboratory training for pathogen identification
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Developing an Emerging Diseases Surveillance System for near real-time communication of health tracking data to center databases for Royal Thai Army units at Thai-Cambodia and Thai-Burmese borders

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Recent Activities
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